TReasure hunt in trondheim

Treasure hunt with lots of fun
You will need cleverness and engagement to solve the different tasks that will get you to Olav the Lucky One's secret treasure.

Olav the Lucky One is probably not the most know of our old kings, which is not strange as he never became king. But oh was he lucky! He got away from lightning, assault and wild horses, but he was also very lucky in business. This made him a rich man that hid away large amounts of food, money and gold.

This is for you who want an informal beginning of your company's Christmas party, social event with your friends or a meeting with customers. It is exciting!

You will be solving different clever tasks and creative assignments round and about downtown. Adults in all ages can be a part of this. Some of the tasks will maybe be hidden among places you can get drinks, so you will not thirst. It is important to keep the fluid balance intact.

The opportunities are endless. We can also put in some action with a trip on a RIB, abseiling, shooting and so on, in addition to food and beverages during the day or when you get to the finish line.

Period:                          All year
Duration:                     About 2-3 hours
Number of people:      10 - 500 persons
Where:                         Trondheim (Can be customized for other places)

Reward when the treasure is captured.