Chef's challenge in the city

Ingredients - tools - scenery - cooperation
We challenge you and your colleagues to make today's dinner with the commodities and tools you get from us. You might also need to fetch some of it yourself to be able to solve the tasks. 

We will divide you into teams and you will get different assignments. The teams will get recipes, ingredients and commodities and so on. You will then make different courses, maybe for a specific theme. You will set and decorate the table, and if the entertainment is not booked in forehand, some of you will also need to be in charge of that. Our judges will guide and judge you along the way.

Focus on wellbeing
This is an activity that focuses on you enjoying yourself and having a great time along the way. Maybe it will be possible to taste some of the food and have some good drinks while you are making the meal.

What - where
This can be done almost anywhere it is possible to do some cooking. It can be at your work, outdoors, in a submarine bunker, or a rented place somewhere. It is only the fantasy that sets limitations. And it can of course be done in another city or in another country!

Eager preparation of the commodities.

Practical information
This event fits all, no matter age and profession. The participants do not need any knowledge about cocking to join this event. 


Combinations and occasions
This activity works well for both big and small groups, and can easily be combined with other activities no matter what season it is.

Period:                        All year
Duration:                    2-5 hours
Number of people:     6 - 200 persons
Where:                        Anywhere

One of the courses ready to be served.