Cultural heritage from the olden days

Sula lighthouse

Lighthouses are a strongly underestimated chapter of our cultural heritage. That is why we in Crazy Coyote Events wants to offer our customers a very exotic and fulfilling experience with either a day trip or a longer overnight trip out to the many lighthouses that are placed in our area

We want to mention a couple of those that we already have visited and had overnight stays at. Those are Halten, Sula, Kjeungskjær and Terningen Lighthouse, where each and everyone of them have their own unique characteristics.


Period:                      All year
Duration:                 4-5 hours to several days
Number of people:   On request


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Halten Lighthouse

Halten lighthouse in the sunset.

Halten Lighthouse was established in 1875 and is a part of the "lighthouse chain" at the coast of southern Trøndelag, which are Sula, Vingleia, Finnvær og Halten.

The lighthouse station is located at Reinsøya and is dominated by the 29,5 meter tall rock tower that was removed from Lista Lighthouse Station. It has a brightness of 1 080 000 candela and a lominous range of 17,5 nautical miles. A lot of the original interior and exterior is kept. It is fully automated and has been since 2005.

The lighthouse is protected under the Cultural Heritage Act, and is also within Froan nature reserve.


Kjeungskjær Lighthouse

Kjeungskjær lighthouse.

Kjeungenskjær lighthouse was first lit the 20th of September 1880 and is placed on a small reef in the Bjugnfjord about 3 kilometres from Uthaug in southern Trøndelag.

The lighthouse is 20,6 meter tall, shaped like an octagon and made by rocks. The light is placed on the roof and it was elevated in 1906 when it got the shape it has today. The lighthouse includes a boathouse and an apartment with six beds, where the original interior is kept.

The lighthouse is placed in a bird life conservation area.




Terningen Lighthouse

Terningen lighthouse.

Terningen lighthouse is placed at the coast of Trondheim on an island between the mainland and Hitra by the entrance of the Hemnfjord in southern Trøndelag.

It is about 1,2 kilometers south-west of Jøsnøys. The lighthouse station was created in 1833. It consists of a twelve meter high concrete tower and the light is 17,8 meters above sea level. It has a range of 13,4 nautical miles. The lighthouse was automized in 1991.