Abseiling - the joy of mastery

We do abseiling both outside and inside

The tickling in your stomach that spreads throughout your whole body. It is a mix of wanting to master the abseil and the fear of heights. Abseiling is a simple but challenging activity that we can do both inside and outside, both out in the nature or in the city.

Abseiling can be done almost anywhere. We have done it inside and outside buildings, mountain crags, ships and mountain caves.

Joy of mastery
The activity is a great opportunity to motivate a sales team to increase their performance by giving them the feeling of mastery and to get outside their own boundaries.

Practical information
You do not need any previous knowledge to participate, you will get a thorough instruction before we begin.

You will be under guidance from our experienced instructors along the way, they will take really good care of you. We use the best equipment you can get on the marked.

Combinations and occasions
Abseiling is often combined with other activities such as a treasure hunt and team building, and can be used for all kinds of gatherings and events that wants an extra kick.

Period:                         All year
Duration:                    1-2 hours
Number of people:      1 - 200 persons
Where:                         Anywhere

Abseiling at Clarion Hotel Brattøra

Abseiling at Granåsen