driving on frozen lakes

It is not normal studded tires that makes this trail of trashed ice. 

Feel the power from a Porsche 911, the engine that roars and the spikes crackling on the ice!

In winter dressed and scenic surroundings on the backside of Åreskutan, only 30 minutes from Åre. We take you out on this unique experience where you get the opportunity to drive raw sports cars on frozen lakes a whole day. 

Ice Driving Experience lets you feel the power and how to control these fantastic sports cars in safe surroundings with guidance from professional instructors. The participants will be two and two together in each car, which gives you a lot of time to drive for everyone, and you exchange cars throughout the day.

Period:                          January - April
Duration:                     Day - Weekend
Number of people:      1- 50 persons
Food / beverages:         Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Accommodation:         Hotel - Appartement - Cabin


Press play to see video.

Crazy Coyote Events has great experience with different events, both for companies and private people in beautiful Jämtland. A combination of living first class, driving a car filled with adrenaline and total relaxation. Good food experiences with focus on local commodities and happily in combination with other activities as scooter, wildcat, dogsled or skiing.

Two hours by car, bus or train from Trondheim, or directly from Værnes Airport for those who arrive with airplane. Accommodation at Copperhill Mountain Lodge or in a big cabin with all facilities and full pension.

Copperhill Mountain Lodge is one of the most beautiful hotels in the region.