A Trip trough the city's canals

Skansen - Monk's Island - Old Town Bridge - Dora - Nyhavna - Brattøra

6 båter på tur ned fra Gamle Bybro

Kanskje smake litt blåskjell på turen

Fimskapere som skulle videre ut på kysten

There is a lot of exciting things to see on a trip through the canal. Old and new buildings, bridges that can be opened for boat traffic. We will happily swing by the Monk's Island that is right on our fjord. There is a lot of history that has happened here.

The start will be at Vestre Kanalkai 19, or another place we have agreed on in town. You will get suits and life jackets from us. We can either go on a trip to see Trondheim from the canal or a bigger package with some planned stops for food and drinks along the canal. 

The experience
Experience the city a whole different way with new impressions for your eyes, senses and taste.

Practical information
This event suits everyone, and you do not need any special clothing to join.

Combinations and occasions                 
Suitable for both big and small groups, and can easily be combined with other activities, food and beverages.


Period:                         March - October
Duration:                    1-3 hours
Number of people:      1 - 165 persons
Food / beverages:         Dinner - Lunch - Tasting menu - Beer tasting - Wine tasting

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