''Camp'' is a term that we use when we put together several activities for the participants to take on.

We can spice up the stay at the mountain with orientation, activities, team building or maybe abseiling? There are a lot of opportunities, with the mountain as a backdrop! We have developed activities that are excellent for strengthening the unity in your company. Maybe for a newly started work group or just to shake things up a bit to give your employees new motivation. The activities triggers cooperation and the ability to find solutions, they get your brain and blood pump going, and helps you to get a lasting memory from this event.

Practical information

You need to be dressed for the weather. Good shoes are especially important.

Period:                         All year
Duration:                    2-6 hours
Number of people:      6 - 1000 persons
Food / beverages:         After your wish - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Food and beverages

Happy people in beautiful surroundings.

You need food when you are out on a trip, and also beverages. There is a Norwegian saying that says "Without food and beverages, the hero will not work!" With our competence, we can do almost everything, no matter where we are. We can either bring the food in advance or we can have a stop at a eatery. A wild stew with deer meat and an ice cold beer is rarely wrong after a good hike in the Swedish forests. 

A magical evening in Åre.

A magical evening in Åre.