The experience on a dogsled will give you an even closer experience to the nature that the scooter will. You really get in contact with the elements when you cut out the engine and really trust the dogs. We can arrange trips with dogsleds several places in Central Norway, in addititon to Åre and Svalbard.

On a trip from Tempelfjorden, Svalbard.


Period:                         December - October
Duration:                     2 - 8 hours (or with accommodation)
Number of people:      1 - 50 persons
Food / beverages:         Breakfast - lunch - dinner

Close to the elements
When you are going on a trip with dogsleds you will be helping to put the dogs in the sleds, and they are eager to get out and running. After a day in the sled it is magical to meet up in the lavvo while the darkness falls outside.