''the munk ladder''

The longest climbing route in Northern Europe.

Munkestigen is a Via Ferrata (iron path), which means that it is an iron wire reaching up the mountain side, crisscross through numerous eyebolts to help you climb the mountain. It is a great and especially safe way to challenge the elements. We have guided a lot of customers up this way and can say that it is a hike that everyone can manage. You can say that we have made it a challenge to ourselves to get our customers up there so that as many as possible gets to enjoy the view of the Trondheimsfjord.

Did you know that we have a deal with a regular photographer? Perfect to document your whole event. 

Via Ferrata is Italian and means iron path.

Normally a good shape and motor function will be enough to be able to do this trip. It will be a magical joy of mastery for those with fear of heights, a lovely experience in nature for others.

Practical information
You need to be dressed after the weather, and bring extra clothing. Good shoes are especially important, preferably some with a sole that is not too hard. 

The activity is very safe, but requires that you use the imposed equipment that we provide. The guides will explain how to use it.

Period:                         May - October
Varighet:                      5 - 8 hours
Number of people:      1 - 50 persons
Food / beverages:         We can serve food and beverages at the top
Transport:                     RIB, car or bus

Magical view towards Trondheim.

Magical view towards Trondheim.