Sailing = experience

The feeling of wind in the sails, the sound of ropes tightening, the quietness of the hull taking its way through the water like a knife edge, interaction between human and nature.

Crazy Coyote Events puts together sailing trips, regattas and sailing courses for both companies and private groups, where the participants are the sailing crew. The participants needs to cooperate to get the sailboat going, which creates a feeling of mastery and fellowship that will give inspiration and surplus in the everyday work life.

The sailing is often combined with good food and beverages, accommodation and other activities, to strengthen the overall experience. The focus is always on unity, environment and pleasure in Trondheim or on the coast of Trøndelag

We do have fully developed products, but can also customize an event after the wishes of our customers.

Sailing can be used for many things, but will no matter what be an experience to last for a long time.

  • Rewarding trips
  • Team building
  • Recreation
  • Customer care
  • Training


The voyages often last within 3-6 hours, depending on where you want to go and how much time you have. We can sail in the Trondheimsfjord or we can go to the beautiful and exciting coast in our historical surroundings and end up on one of our numerous destinations.

PraCtical information

The base for the sailing trip is at our facility at Kai 19 or the sailboat harbor at Skansen. All the participants will get to borrow sailing clothes and vests, and will get a short briefing before we go on board the boats. Every boat takes up to 12 participants and an experienced instructor will guide and instruct you along the way.